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About Danny Sullivan

Want to know more about me, Danny Sullivan? This page provides some more information.

Calafia Consulting is my company. It's a small company, just me and my wife. My services are covered here, though my consulting is pretty minimal. Most of my time is spend on writing and speaking.

Search Engine Land is where I now write about search engines. See the My Decade Of Writing About Search Engines article for more background of how I got started covering search engines.

Search Engine Watch is the site I created in 1997. I left Search Engine Watch on Nov. 30, 2006.

Daggle is my personal blog. I cover whatever I'm interested in personally over there.

The Daily SearchCast is a daily (OK, Monday-Thursday) podcast I do covering search engine news. Tune in if you want to keep up on search news while driving, jogging, working in the office or whatever.

Danny Sullivan - Flickr Photostream is where I share photos via Flickr.

Danny Sullivan - Digg is where I share stories via Digg.

Danny Sullivan - YouTube is where I share video via YouTube.

Danny Sullivan - Resume is my general work history.

Danny Sullivan - Mug Shots is where you can get some mug shots of me, if you need them.

Still want to know more? See this page for places I've been quoted in, background pieces about me, articles I've written and more.

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